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Cyopsis is an industry leader in data collection, investigation, analysis, and discovery production. We do much more than solve problems; our skills and insights can also prevent them. Our team brings decades of experience in a wide range of industries and complex matters, from sensitive government investigations to corporate operations and civil and criminal litigation. Cyopsis offers the industry’s most comprehensive insight into data through our four-dimensional approach includes: eDiscovery, Investigative, Digital Forensic, and Technological Counter Measures services.


cyopsis Services

Digital Forensic Services

When facing forensic requests, Cyopsis starts from the most logical point: What is your organization’s goal in addressing the situation? Our team of analysts can assist in combating fraud, waste, misuse of company assets, legal or ethical violations and spying/unauthorized access of protected communications. Working from Cyopsis’ full-service digital forensics lab, our certified forensic examiners extract your data from all forms of digital media.

Investigative Services

Cyopsis founders have over 25 years of experience with complex, multifaceted investigations for the FBI in addition to extensive private sector legal cases. We utilize digital evidence and human investigators in one seamless operation to probe every possible source of information. You will receive timely, accurate and comprehensive intelligence aiding you in your overall investigatory needs.

Cyopsis Example CDR Report

Cyopsis Example CDR Report

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Services

The TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasure) specialists at Cyopsis have decades of experience conducting a full spectrum of security assessments both inside and outside the federal government. Our specialists can provide you with sweeps of informational and communications technologies, revealing signs of vulnerability in your security.

eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery the Cyopsis team provides you with support from identification all the way to presentation. Whether your organization needs expert support for simple analysis or complex projects involving all aspect of the EDRM model, Cyopsis will find the answers you’re searching for. Our decades of experience in identification, collection and presentation provide your case with thoroughly prepared results.


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The Founders


Bill Taylor



Phone: (303) 872-9231 | LinkedIn

Bill Taylor is co-founder of Cyopsis.  Bill has an extensive background in cyber crime and forensic IT investigations with decades of experience in combined law practice and investigative experience, in service to individuals, businesses, and organizations large and small, from federal government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

Cyopsis partners with Bill’s company, Flatwater Forensics, providing actionable analysis of complex Electronically Stored Information, converting raw digital discovery into cogent, admissible evidence that drives investigation and litigation outcomes. Learn more about Cyopsis and Flatwater partnership here!


In Memoriam November 15, 2018


Kevin was a Co-Founder and Managing Director for Cyopsis. He maintained primary responsibility for all human/financial/cyber aspects of Cyopsis’ investigations. His private client experience and FBI service offered a breadth of experience making him unique in the field of investigators.

In the private sector, Kevin has specialized in conducting corporate financial, fraud, and cyber investigations. He has assisted international law firms in conducting investigations of possible threats from internal and external sources. Learn more about Kevin here!


Craig Bernard

Co-Founder, President & CFO


Phone: 720 838-2261 | LinkedIn

Craig is Co-Founder, President, and Chief Financial Officer for Cyopsis.  He has a deep understanding of businesses’ needs from his 19 years experience in corporate leadership, cross-functional project management, and client partnering. He is a proud veteran of the Army Reserves.

Craig is a licensed PI in the State of Colorado, holds an Access Data certification as a Digital Forensic Examiner, and has a Master’s Degree in Business. He is also a qualified expert witness. Find out more about Craig here!