Craig Bernard

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Craig is co-founder, President, and Chief Financial Officer for Cyopsis.  He brings to the table a deep understanding of the inner workings and needs of businesses, gained from his 19 years’ experience in corporate leadership, cross-functional project management, and client partnering.  He is a proud veteran of the Army Reserves.

Craig is a licensed PI in the State of Colorado, holds an Access Data certification as a Digital Forensic Examiner, and has a Master’s Degree in Business, rounding out his experience in the field of forensic, business and investigative fields. He is also a qualified expert witness.

Craig oversees all aspects of company including accounting, human resources, operations, and sales. He works on the oversight for all digital forensic and eDiscovery projects.  This includes oversight and personally conducting acquisitions and preservation of digital media in either a lab setting or through onsite data capture, performance of data restoration and recovery on electronic media, forensic analysis, maintaining media chain of custody, investigative analysis of file content, production of relevant items, creation of expert reports, and expert testimony.

Representative analysis conducted includes but is not limited to:

  • Searches for evidence of financial fraud and theft of intellectual property in data from desktops, laptops, and server platforms;

  • Searches for evidence of reformatting, dates of reformatting, and utilities used to wipe or copy data from electronic media; and

  • Locating evidence of improper removal, duplication, destruction, or transmission of e-mail messages or files.

Craig’s emphasis has been in accounting, finance, operations, and IT.  He achieved consistently high performance in financial, health care, distribution, printing, and real estate industries.  Rounding out his experience in the IT field, he assists in performing information security assessments in a variety of computing environments.

Craig served as Senior Director of Corporate Finance at First Data Corporation for several years, where he provided financial analysis and recommendations to Executive Committee members.  In addition, Craig worked for 13 years at United Parcel Service (UPS) in the areas of finance and accounting, operations, project management, and was Assistant Controller of the Rocky Mountain District.


In Memoriam November 15, 2018




Kevin was a co-founder and Managing Director for Cyopsis and, as such, had primary responsibility for all human/financial/cyber aspects of Cyopsis’ investigations. His private client experience and Federal Bureau of Investigation service offers a breadth of experience and acumen making him unique in the field of investigators.

Following his government service, Kevin founded a high-end boutique style investigative consultancy in 2006. In the private sector, he has specialized in conducting corporate financial and fraud investigations and cyber matters. Kevin has assisted numerous international/national law firms on behalf of large corporate clients and individuals to conduct investigations into sensitive matters and threats from internal and external sources both in the U.S. and abroad.
Kevin is a licensed PI in Colorado, has an inactive CPA license in Colorado and is a member of a variety of organizations, such as the Energy Security Counsel, KPMG Audit Committee Roundtable, InfraGard, Institute of Internal Auditors and is a member of the National Society of Former FBI Agents as well as the past Treasurer of the Society of Former FBI Agents in Denver.

As an FBI Agent for 15 years, Kevin had lead investigative responsibility for many complex business crimes and schemes to defraud, including wire frauds, mail frauds, money laundering, corporate frauds, securities frauds, bank frauds, commodities frauds, health care frauds, and false claims against the United States.  Nearly all of his cases involved detailed financial and witness analysis, broad coordination of multi-faceted resources within other Agencies, complex presentations to grand juries, complex charging decisions, proffers, and occasionally jury trials.

While with the FBI, Kevin was a senior member of a FBI SWAT team for 13 years as an observer/sniper and assaulter, where he participated in local and national operations such as the Waco siege, the Eric Rudolph manhunt, the Columbine tragedy, the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah, and the Texas Seven capture, among others.