Deeper Truths in Data

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We understand that you have sensitive data stored in a variety of places. Where Cyopsis truly stands apart is our ability to find the relevant data among the multi-terabyte and fragmented data sources and collect it efficiently and effectively.
Our experience allows us to quickly assess and take action. Working from Cyopsis’ full service digital forensics lab, our fully certified forensic examiners expertly extract data from all forms of digital media, including hard drives, desktops and laptops, USB devices, mobile phones and tablets, servers and the “cloud”, backup tapes, DVRs, cameras, and memory cards. Whether the answer lies in an employee workstation or a third-party data center, we will follow the relevant trail. 
In addition to our decades of experience, Cyopsis has an exclusive methodology to simultaneously track and analyze. We implement a measured approach to with a proven suite of state of the art tools, processes, and procedures. We deliver the best results and at the most efficient pace.