Four-Dimensional Approach

Data Analysis is Only the Beginning

Cyopsis is an industry leader in data collection, investigation, analysis, and discovery production. We do much more than solve problems; our skills and insights can also prevent them. Our team brings decades of experience in a wide range of industries and complex matters, from sensitive government investigations to corporate operations and civil and criminal litigation. The result: Cyopsis offers the industry’s most comprehensive insight into data.
For any organization concerned about what is in their Electronically Stored Information (ESI), our deep understanding is complemented by cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies that allow us to not only approach the data from multiple angles, but provide our clients with incisive fact-based conclusions. Our services include the full scope of the EDR Model and more: ESI identification and mapping, forensic preservation and processing of all types of data; complex computer forensics analysis; early case assessment; hosted review platform with advanced analytics; full litigation and trial support; expert witness support; data breach response; and a full range of investigative and technical countermeasures.
Other digital forensic experts and investigators working independently simply cannot match our tested, thorough and penetrating 360-degree approach.