Insights, Uniquely Customized

A Personal Approach to Research

Cyopsis starts from the most logical point: What is your organization’s goal in addressing the situation? Do you need to combat fraud? Waste? Misuse of company assets? Do you suspect serious legal or ethical violations? Do you suspect someone of accessing your organization's protected/private communications (aka spying)?
From there, we tailor investigations to serve your precise needs. The combination of federal government (FBI) and private sector experience - working on the most sensitive matters - allows us to approach problems from angles that others don’t even think of. We specialize in sensitive and important internal investigations, among other types of investigations. Because we utilize both digital evidence and human investigators in one seamless operation, Cyopsis probes deeper and broader in both cyberspace and on the ground providing clients with timely, accurate, comprehensive, and cost-effective intelligence.
Cyopsis moves seamlessly between file metadata and what people are doing and saying. We reconstruct complex processes to discover who was involved, what actions were taken, and which locations were affected. Virtually no information, whether denied or retrievably deleted by other parties, is out of our reach. 
Our cutting-edge tools and unparalleled experience allow us to achieve the most comprehensive research and a more refined level of analysis. Where others see endless sets of data, log files and audit trails, we see leads, beacons, solutions.
Tell us your objectives. We’ll find the answers and because of our backgrounds and experience, we will probably come up with many new questions and answers you never thought of.