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Knowledge in business, technologies, and security

With nearly three decades of experience in the business, technological and security sectors, Cyopsis’ executive team has a vast array of knowledge in cyber security. Their dedication to aiding your case in any way possible is shown through thorough execution of services and consistently accurate results. Founders Craig Bernard and Kevin Knierim established Cyopsis with the goal of applying both human and technological perspectives to your needs, allowing for the most comprehensive examination processes. Since establishing the company, our executive team has constantly been updating their knowledge of relevant technologies through certification programs, establishing partnerships, and expanding into international markets. Every issue presented to this team is handled with a personally tailored approach and expert analyses.


The Team


[ Craig Bernard ]

Managing Director of Forensics and eDiscovery

Phone: (303)872-9321 | LinkedIn

Craig works on the oversight for all digital forensic and eDiscovery projects. This includes overseeing digital media acquisition, preservation, analysis and recovery. Craig is a licensed PI in the states of Colorado and Texas. He also carries out forensic and investigative analyses, production of relevant items, creation of expert reports, and expert testimony. Analysis services conducted include but are not limited to:

  • Financial fraud and/or theft of intellectual property

  • Reformatting and utilities used to wipe or copy data from electronic media

  • Improper removal, duplication, destruction, or transmission of e-mail messages or files

Craig’s emphasis has been in accounting, finance, operations, and IT.  He achieved consistently high performance in a variety of industries providing him with a well-rounded knowledge of various industries.  His experience in the IT field has largely dealt with performing information security assessments in a variety of computing environments.

Craig served as Senior Director of Corporate Finance at First Data Corporation for several years providing financial analysis and recommendations to Executive Committee members.  In addition, Craig worked for 13 years at United Parcel Service (UPS) in the areas of finance and accounting, operations, project management, and was Assistant Controller of the Rocky Mountain District. He is a proud veteran of the Army.

[ Tom Quilty ]

Managing Director of Human Investigations

Phone: (303)872-9321 | LinkedIn

Tom has a strong background in risk management and criminal intelligence. Through his experiences in the military, 25 year law enforcement career, FBI React High Technology Crimes Task Force and head of BD Consulting & Investigations, Inc, he has seen firsthand issues and solutions to many physical security problems faced by the high tech, manufacturing and software industries. Tom has experienced working with the Secret Service, Department of State, and other law enforcement agencies which gave him a unique perspective on high tech crime. Tom is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and has helped many companies with complex fraud matters. Tom’s key investigations include:

  • Operation Matrix: a three year multi-state FBI Undercover Operation targeting criminal groups victimizing the high tech industry. 

  • Matrix Spinoff Case:  recovery of stolen software stampers, original artwork and mirror blocks.

  • Operation Remaster: a two one half year undercover operation targeting criminal groups engaged in music, video and software piracy. 

  • ChoicePoint Databreach:  this case set the stage for California’s Data Breach laws and most state Data Breach laws since then.

  • Brand protection, business intelligence, intellectual property, data security, supply chain.

Tom has presented training nationally and internationally for the FBI Academy, National District Attorney’s Association, California Department of Justice, Dutch National Police, High Technology Crime Investigation Association and many others. All these experiences have given him an interesting perspective on business processes and how companies operate internally. Tom has worked with many of the largest Silicon Valley Companies and specializes in complex investigations requiring a team approach to resolve the issues.

[ William L. Taylor ]

Managing Director of Forensics and eDiscovery

Phone: (303)872-9321 | LinkedIn

A former trial lawyer and litigator, Mr. Taylor served as a state and federal prosecutor and practiced in the white-collar crime and litigation departments. Bill served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the federal District of Colorado, as Chief of the Major Crimes Section. He also served as the District’s Criminal Health Care Fraud Coordinator and as counsel to interagency task forces investigating and prosecuting international organized crimes—including computer crimes—committed by criminal groups from nations that made up the former Soviet Union. In private practice, Mr. Taylor led the defense of a federal agent charged with violating the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, resulting in the agent’s acquittal after a two-week trial in federal court.  He also led teams responding to malicious intrusions into IT systems and data losses as the result of data security incidents for dozens of clients, served as lead class action defense counsel for a Fortune 500 company in the wake of data loss, and served as an expert in data privacy matters.

A fluent Russian speaker, Mr. Taylor trained and served as a war prisoner interrogator and interpreter assigned to a psychological operations company in organic support to the U.S. Army’s 4th Infantry Division – Rapid Deployment Force during the Cold War.  Mr. Taylor continues to employ his Russian language skills in matters on which Cyopsis is engaged. 

Cyopsis partners with Bill’s company, Flatwater Forensics, providing actionable analysis of complex Electronically Stored Information, converting raw digital discovery into cogent, admissible evidence that drives investigation and litigation outcomes. Learn more about Cyopsis and Flatwater partnership here

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