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Key Employees

A team of experts at your fingertips

The Cyopsis team consists of individuals from several areas of expertise combining their knowledge guaranteeing you thorough analysis in any request presented. With specialists trained in business development, eCommerce, cloud computing, intellectual property investigations and large-scale background checks, you can be assured every avenue possible will be examined by knowledgeable authorities. Working in tandem on your case/request, the Cyopsis team functions efficiently, utilizing every individual’s strengths to best suit your desired outcomes. We understand that cyber security issues are sensitive, and treat every scenario with diligence, discretion and dedication. Cyopsis team members continue to refresh their knowledge of relevant industries through various certifications, training programs and workshops.

Our Team Members



[ Kendra Bernard ]

Director of Operations

Phone: (720) 838-2262 | LinkedIn

Kendra is the Chief Operations Officer for Cyopsis. She brings to the table senior-level management experience in various roles including Business Development Manager, Credentialed IT Trainer, and Field Director. She is well versed in managing business office operations with accountability for new client development, customer retention, marketing coordination, and financial administration functions. She is also highly adept at directing comprehensive staff training activities for employee development. Kendra’s background extends further to forecasting, data analysis, mapping and report monitoring for sales and marketing. She worked 15 years in field research for Westat and RTI on healthcare studies for field and medical research projects. While serving as a Field Director, Kendra oversaw staff on large-scale longitudinal projects to collect data, direct quality control processes, and corporate training. As a Credentialed IT Trainer Kendra spearheaded employee training processes and provided extensive end-user support.

Core Competencies includes but not limited to:

  • IT Training Development & Leadership

  • System Testing & Maintenance

  • Credentialed IT Trainer

  • Office & Business Management

  • Field Interviewing

  • Quality Control Processes

  • Data Collection & reporting

[ Christian Mammarella]

Senior Forensic Analyst

Phone: (720) 838-2265  | LinkedIn 

Christian is the Senior Forensic Analyst for Cyopsis. He has investigated computer, economic, property crime and homicides while working as a police detective for over 10 years. Christian participated in the Palm Beach County Sexual Predator Enforcement Unit and the Secret Service Miami Electronic Crimes Taskforce and is a proud veteran of the Army. He has examined computer systems and mobile devices in divorce, Corporate HR, IP Theft, Insurance fraud and data recovery cases. He has also worked with his clients to create investigative production protocols to protect the client’s privacy. Christian is a Licensed Private Investigator in the states of Colorado, Florida and Texas. He holds an Open Text forensic certification as an Encase Certified Examiner (ENCE). He has testified as a forensic expert for cases involving cell tower analysis, as well as in Federal, State and Military courts. He has been appointed to work as a neutral third party by the courts. Christian has produced to the jury, video and graphic depictions of the electronic evidence.

 Representative analysis conducted includes but not limited to: 

  • Searches for evidence that intellectual property has left or been copied from the computer system

  • Locating evidence of wiping utilities and cloud usage

  • Identifying external devices connected to the system

  • Determining locations and usage of mobile devices

  • Examined email activity and conducted keyword searches

  • Recovered and restored data

Christian’s approach for his investigations comes from a combination of the civil and criminal investigative techniques. Years of working cases from both sides, gives him the advantage of providing the client, accurate and insightful results. 

[ George Veltman]

TSCM Specialist

Phone: (303) 872-9231 | LinkedIn

As a Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Specialist for Cyopsis, George conducts inspections of corporate, business and personal property. These inspections locate clandestinely-placed audio and video transmitters, telephone wire-taps and recording devices.  Electronic countermeasures along with physical search and analysis techniques are used to locate these devices. George spent 28 years as a special agent for the FBI having retired in 2000.  Prior to becoming a Special Agent, George spent two years as an engineer for AT&T, Western Electric Division.  In addition he provided training in the above subjects to FBI agents and other government agencies. George has also received training in SWAT operations, undercover work, and expert witness testimony.  After retirement from the FBI, he assisted government and private organizations in developing security programs, accessing their security needs and vulnerabilities. Presently, with Cyopsis, George provides security assessments for corporate organization and technical security evaluations. In addition, provides training in TSCM to FBI agents and other government agencies. 

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