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Cyopsis strives to partner with industry leaders in the security, technology, and investigatory sectors, diversifying the accessible resources available to you. We utilize the expertise of our partners to efficiently analyze your data in the most comprehensive manner possible. Investigations require collaborations of all relevant experts. Cyosis and our partners pool resources, knowledge and man-power to provide effective results in support of your needs. Read more about our partners below.

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[ Flatwater Forensics ]

Cyopsis partners with Flatwater Forensics, a litigation consultancy providing real, actionable analysis of complex Electronically Stored Information, converting raw digital discovery into cogent, admissible evidence that drives investigation and litigation outcomes. Operating under the privileged relationship between counsel and litigation consultant, Flatwater works in rapid, confidential consultation with counsel to develop, investigate and vet evidentiary and substantive theories that can be tested, verified and proved by digital evidence. Whether in support of internal investigations and information security or to pursue legal claims, Flatwater renders the turbulent sea of digital evidence navigable.


Flatwater offers a unique team that combines experienced, seasoned trial lawyers who understand the lawsuit’s legal and factual issues with technologically-savvy analysts skilled at finding digital evidence that may otherwise go unexploited. We know the digital evidence lawyers need, why they need it, where to find it and how to prepare it for court. Ultimately, Flatwater is committed to an interactive and feedback-based consultation. While other forensic consultants stop at the provision of voluminous and opaque forensic outputs that are difficult to use, Flatwater provides the critical last mile in the digital-evidentiary chain—connecting the forensics with the case—crafting tactical and strategic analysis to win motions, depositions, examinations and trials. Learn more about Flatwater Forensics here!

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