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Our Services

Supporting your security and investigative needs

At Cyopsis, we strive to provide the most effective services possible for your needs. Our team of experts constantly strives to understand rapidly advancing technologies and techniques utilized within the digital forensics, eDiscovery and digital investigations sectors. Combining human intelligence with modern technologies, Cyopsis provides services all the way through verdict, assuring you professional and thorough presentations of data. Whether you require support with data recovery, analysis, internal threats or technical security, we are here to address your needs. Read more about the types of services we offer below!


Effective Methods


[ Digital Forensics ]

When facing forensic requests, Cyopsis starts from the most logical point: What is your organization’s goal in addressing the situation? Our team of analysts can assist in combating a wide array of legal/security issues. Learn more here!

[ eDiscovery ]


The Cyopsis team provides you with support from identification through presentation. Our experience with identification, collection and presentation result in thoroughly prepared  answers. Learn more here!

[ Investigative Servies ]


Cyopsis utilizes digital evidence and human investigators to probe broader, providing clients with comprehensive results. We reconstruct complex processes to discover the who, what, when and where. Learn more here!

[ Technical Surveillance
Countermeasure ]

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasure) specialists at Cyopsis have decades of experience conducting security assessments. They can provide sweeps of technologies, revealing signs of vulnerability in security. Learn more here!

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